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The new Life Balance Tool that’s getting the attention of counselors, mentors, and life coaches!

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A favorite tool of counselors, mentors and life coaches, or anyone looking to get unstuck and back in balance

It can be used in all areas of Behaviors & Beliefs:    Relationships, Habits, Addictions, Spiritual, Health, Career, Fitness, Financial, Nutrition and even Pre-Marital and Dating.  It breaks down strongholds.

Life Balance Tool is designed to be a visual tool that reveals areas of our lives that are out of balance and then creates specific action steps to get us back in balance.    It simplifies complicated situations, pulls out deep rooted issues and gives people hope because they can do something about it.

Lightbulb moments

Many clients report that they feel stuck and couldn't see the real problem before, but now they can see it clearly and feel like they can do something about it.

for all devices

The Life Balance Tool works on all devices. Computers, Tablets and Phones. Some coaches type in the info for the client and some have the client type in the info.

visible progress

The Life Balance Tool shows previous sessions progress at a glance and it can all be printed, emailed, or texted to the client for reference.

the power
of structure

my favorite tool

Built to balance people’s lives.

Areas of Unbalance


What others have experienced

The Life Balance Tool is a game changer. The way it guides clients through their issues and gets them unstuck is amazing. Use it once, and you will understand.
Justin Falon - Sioux River Mental Health
27 Year Licensed Counselor
I really like how simple it is to use. I can use it with my ipad, computer or my phone. It's also great for keeping my clients organized and we can pick up right where we left off.
Carol Noteboom - Director NewHaven Ministries
20 Year Biblical Counselor

Pricing options

One Admin / One Client
Unlimited Sessions


Best for One-On-One Mentoring / Coaching or working on yourself.

One Admin / Five Clients
Unlimited Sessions


Best for the Coach, Counselor or Mentor who has up to 5 clients.

One Admin / Ten Clients
Unlimited Sessions


Best for the Coach, Counselor or Mentor who has up to 10 clients.

Enterprise Account For Organizations

Contact us
for details.

Best for organizations that want to utilize the tool for Affiliate or Group Accounts.

did you know?

people retain 70% more when writing or typing
vs. just having a verbal conversation.

  1. Enhanced retention: Writing information down engages different cognitive processes compared to just listening or speaking. This engagement can lead to better retention and understanding of the material.

  2. Visual reinforcement: When you write things down, you create a visual representation of the information. This visual reinforcement can help you recall and understand the material more effectively.

  3. Organization and structure: Writing allows you to organize thoughts and information in a structured manner. This can be especially helpful when dealing with complex or detailed topics.

  4. Reference for the future: Written notes serve as a reference for the future. You can revisit them whenever needed, ensuring you don’t miss important details or insights.

  5. Clarity and precision: In writing, you have the opportunity to carefully choose your words and phrases to convey information clearly and precisely.

  6. Time to reflect: Writing allows you to take your time and think through the information being presented. 

  7. Multimodal learning: Writing engages multiple senses, including visual and motor skills, making it a more holistic learning experience.

how it started

How The Life Balance Tool Became A Reality


The first sketch of the Life Balance Tool


It’s our wish that our vision can become

your freedom.


first draft of tool drawing

Life Balance Tool started in 2023 as I was mentoring a few guys from a men’s bible study group and discussing the areas in their lives that they were struggling with.  I was looking for a consistent way to help them become more balanced in specific areas of their lives.

I would ask them questions and take notes and we would agree on a few positive things that they could do for the next time we would meet.  There was some progress but it seemed to lack the strong focus needed to really see some progress.  It’s like we had to revisit the same problem over and over again.  

Then one night I woke up at 4:06 in the morning with an image in my head of a balance beam with a set of numbers on the right side that said “too much” and a set of numbers on the left side that said “too little”. 
I stumbled around for a pen and paper and drew it out as best as I could.      
So I illustrated it with my computer and shared it with each of the guys that I was mentoring. 
Immediately I noticed that the guys were ultra focused and locked in as we went through the worksheets. 
Some of the guys got balanced quicker and some took a little longer but all progressed forward at some level.  
I shared the balance tool with some other mentors, life coaches and licensed counselors. I asked them to test it out. 
The feedback came back quickly from them all with a  surprisingly great response.
Most of them said that they’ve never seen anything like this. One of them commented, “It’s so simple, but has the powerful ability to reveal areas of unbalance with ease.”
They also recognized, that their clients had more focus and were able to dig deeper with more clarity and specific action steps.
It also allowed the coaches and counselors to have a quick review from the previous session so that they did not have to go dig through a bunch of notes of their own. 
All of them asked if there was a digital version that they could use on tablets or computers. 
So that’s why we created a digital version that can be used on computers, tablets, and cell phones. 
My hope is that you are able to try it out with a few of your clients to see if this is a good fit for you and your clients.
We believe the Life Balance Tool will help your clients make some new breakthroughs and become more balanced in their lives.

Ready to try it?

You’re going to love it and so will your clients!

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